Friday, May 23, 2008

Update on the Wisconsin Luna Family...

So not too much has changed since last time. Ettoile is now over her infantaigo and all of her little spots have cleared up. She's just happy as ever and loves to be outside! The dirtier the better in her book. Before she didn't care much for the grass and would even do a modified crab walk just to avoid her legs touching the grass but now she's all over... Dirt in her mouth, hair, grass stains all over her knees... I've had to start putting her in the pack and play because I worry she'll get sick from eating so much dirt and grass. Britt took her on a walk today and she grabbed a flower at the park and kid you not, ate it before Britt could get it from her. BUT we are very greatful that she likes to play outside especially now-a-days with most kids liking to be stuck inside in front of the CPU or TV... She really isn't all that interested in her kid movies... Veggie Tales is about the only thing she'll watch.

We're going to spend memorial day weekend at "The Land" in Richland Center... It's Britt's dad's land and there's a pond and forest and lot's of grass. I'm looking forward to escaping from the city for a bit... work is so crazy and we need a quick get-away.

I do have one crazy work story... so one of our technicians in Minneapolis died last week... yeah I said died. As you know I'm in the security industry and so we have a sales team and a technical services team that installs security systems... so this guy (I'm not mentioning names...) was installing a system when he started feeling light headed (luckily I have the techs in teams of two) so he sat down and the other tech said he passed out and his eyes rolled back... no seizuring or anything. The other tech had the homeowner call the paramedics and in the mean time tried giving CPR and to revive him (keep in mind the passed out tech is only 22 yrs old) . The paramedics got there quickly and had to use a defribulator (spelling) to shock him back to life, I guess he had been not breathing for about 5 minutes. He ended up in a coma for about 3 days and when all was said and done they had found 2 cysts on his brain and he had a heart attack. I thought he had no health history but it turned out that he was born with some sort of issue with the valve going from his heart to his lungs. It was supposed to never be an issue in life but I guess they we're wrong... He has since come out of the coma and is back to normal... his short term memory is a bit off but he's doing much much better and continues to progress... Weird huh? We're just glad he's doing well! I guess that didn't have much to do with our family... oh well. Britt is doing well and she's really started to show the past few weeks... My little boy is going to be a soccer player with all that non-stop kicking! Poor Britt.. baby Wyatt keeps her up at night with all the kicking sometimes...Enjoy a few pics of Ettoile outside, Ettoile in her bike buggy, Britt feeding Etty outside, and me using my economy stimulation (We bought a new grill with a little bit of our stimulus check, thanx Uncle Bush).

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Very First Posting

So this is the very first time that I have "Blogged," (you should be proud of me). I guess I have just been too busy to sit down for even 2 minutes and keep my peeps updated on the Luna Family in La Crosse Wisconsin. I should probably be studying right now because I have a Micro Biology final in about 3 hours but I just wanted to post a few pictures of my little star. Ettoile is 11 months now and isn't quite walking yet but she stands up on her own and cruises around furniture like a maniac. She wont take a step yet unless you have one of her hands and I dont know where she gets it from (LIE - It's Brittany all the way) but her favorite thing right now is to put on her play jewelry and look at herself in the mirror. She's all girl, 110%. Just yesterday she was diagnosed with "Head, foot, and mouth Disease" (I think it's also called infantaigo (spelling)). I guess, according to the doctor it's the ailment of the week at the doctors office... She said she has seen a humongous amount of kids come in with the virus... All it is are chicken pox looking bumbs all over the outside and inside of the mouth and it spreads to the hands, feet, and also to her inside of the elbows, it's common in the spring and fall, lasts about 5-7 days, and once she gets it once it's not likely she'll get it again... She looks like a leprocy victim right now but it hasn't stopped her from being Daddy's happy girl. Baby Wyatt is an active little monster and keeps Britt up all night, I wonder if he can be diagnosed with A-D-D while still in Utero. He kicks and moves around like crazy but Britt told me yesterday that she likes it, and it makes her happy to feel her little boy movin around inside. She's due on October 1st but because of the crash C-Section with Ettoile she'll have to have C-Sections from here on out with any more kids we have. So we're one of the few couples that know exactly when the little guy will come into the world. September 24th to be exact. She'll go in at noon on that wednesday and have the Baby soon after. At first she was disappointed to hear that she could only have a C-section (well hold up, Doc said that he cant legally tell her that she has to have a c-section BUT he's the regional high risk pregnancy specialist and told her, "after having a CRASH c-section (crash=being put completely out during the operation, not too common around here... only about 5-10 per year) and having a hernia she's welcome to have a regular delivery if chosen but 99% chance that she's just going to end up having to have a c-section anyways and so might as well just schedule it out and be sure that you'll be awake this time to enjoy the birth). So she came to the realization that she felt gipped from Ettoiles Birth because she was put out for the c-section and then missed the whole birth and first precious moments of her life and wants to be sure that it doesnt happen again. So needless to say, were excited and happy to know it's a Boy because in all honesty, who knows if She'll be able to have more kids after this one with all of the birthing complications she's had. (DISCLAIMER - Obviously it's not because either one of us is infertile in any way with only 7 months between Ettoile's birth and Wyatts inception, OOOPS. Only that her births have been rough and you can only handle so many c-sectionc) (<--- just thought I'd clarify). So anyways, I guess I had better end this and get to cramming, I'll try to post new pics and announcements often...

-Jeffrey and Brittany (PS. Enjoy a few pics)