Tuesday, August 31, 2010

when kids are too quiet...

I had recently put Wyatt down for a nap and Ettoile was cutting paper.(so i thought) and I was upstairs feeding Ellison. When Elle was done (15 min. later) I came downstairs and began cleaning up the kitchen where Etty was doing her art project. Only she wasn't there. I called her name and no answer. I called it again and she appeared. She was holding our digital camera. (oh crap!) i grabbed it from her and asked why she was playing with it. She told me first that she wasn't playing with it and was bringing it to me. I asked her again and said that i never asked for the camera so why was she playing with it. She then told me she couldn't find her play camera and was "borrowing daddy's." I spanked her hand and told her that she needs to ask to borrow things and she knows not to touch any of daddy's things.(ie: t.v, dvd, game system, camera. etc.)
I found probably 100 pictures of Etty not playing with the camera.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Attempt at a family photo

So, my sister La Sharra left at the beginning of August for a year exchange in Finland. This is her and my parents. Before she left we decided (very last minute)that we should get a family photo. It was decided that we could wear brown, black, white, and denim. These were our attempts at getting a great family photo. Note: none of us are professional photographers and none of these photos have been touched up or enhanced in any way.(you probably can tell)

So we began with our family. Ettoile and Wyatt were more interested in picking flowers in the front than come when we called them to pose.

This ended up being our best shot with our family. I had mixed feelings about wearing white.
1. it is not a slimming color(sigh...remember i had just had a baby five weeks earlier)
2. I wasn't even sure everyone had white clothes that were nice for pictures.
3. try keeping kids white clothes clean and bright for an hour outside during a hot humid wisconsin summer...impossible

Then we took photos of all the sisters, and then all the girls in the family(except ettoile because she was too busy picking flowers and running around.)Next year perhaps we can get a complete picture.

Then a picture of everyone minus the son in laws.

Then we rounded up the kids and sat them on the deck and quickly took the shots. Wyatt was already covered in grass stains (sigh)

Since it was so hot we decided to go inside to take a picture of all the sisters with mom and Katrice.

Then we did some silly pictures. Apparently my mom doesn't know how to make a silly face.

I thought i would share this one with you because I could barely contain Wyatt. Deisha caught him running away and headed for fresh dirt. If it weren't for my sister Deisha who is due in Nov,
he would have been wearing brown rather than white for the pictures.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life with Ellison

Ettoile loves to play dress up. This is her new favorite hat.
Ellison loves her swing and will chill in it when the big kids are playing around her.

Etty wants to hold Ellison when ever she can. I let her hold her when she is the cleanest (right after bath)

Ettoile was admitted to the hospital for a rash and fever that she had for a week that only got worse with treatment. She is all better now and off predisolone(thank goodness... it made her so naughty)

Yeah! she was looking right at the camera!

Wyatt loves to pose for pictures.

Ellison loves her blanket from Aunt Sara. Thanks again! I just thought it was funny how close they sit to one another in the bath tub. Probably not Wyatt's choice.

Ellison's gorgeous blessing dress made by Grandma.