Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring fever

Ellison is getting so big. She now can crawl and feed herself.
I now find her standing in her crib in the mornings waiting to be picked up. She is still a little peanut so her head doesn't even look over the rails. She looks like she's in jail. I will have to remember to grab the camera and take a picture. Otherwise she is the happiest baby ever. (Yes, thats a cheerio in her hair).

This is my nephew Baby Hudson. He loves to come to our house to play with his cousins. Wigs are a commodity here.

This last month Jeff and I took the kids to a petting farm. They had all kinds of things like ducks, turkeys, rabbits, sheep and lambs. It was really fun to see all the little kids petting the different animals. Wyatt liked the ducks best. Ettoile was just happy to be there. She had just gotten a huge bump on her noggin from tripping earlier in the day. She gets distracted easy.