Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wyatt Jeffrey Luna

So here's some pics of Mommy's new man... There's one semi-graphic one of the c-section, I think it's beautiful but sorry to anyone that it makes a bit queasy and then a random one of Ettoile and her cousin Preston in the bathtub tonight.

Friday, September 26, 2008


We are proud to welcome to the world;
Wyatt Jeffrey Luna born at 12:38pm (CST),
weighing in at 7lbs 8.8oz and 20 1/4inches long.
He has semi-thick dark hair like his Dad. Im thinking he'll lose alot of it like Ettoile did. He's very alert and loves to keep his eyes open and look at Mommy for extended lengths of time. He has the Luna lips just like Ettoile, and Britt swears that he has a semi-butt chin like I do. I don't think I have a butt chin... but for arguments sake I guess I do. In short, you can tell he's our boy.
Mom and Baby are doing great. He's eating well and both are very healthy. Ettoile is with her uncle Brandon and cousin Collin at Noni Kates house (Britt's Mom). She was excited to see the new baby and was all about touching his face. I think eventhough Wyatt was an accident the timing between the two of them will work out to be really good. Wyatt gave Ettoile a new puppy (stuffed animal of course, with two kids under 2 who in their right mind would want a real puppy) which made Ettoile really excited and helped her to welcome the new baby. As most of you remember, Ettoile was born via "crash" emergency C-Section after 8 hours of labor with Britt fully dialated. We chose a scheduled c-section this time so that Britt and I could enjoy the experience (in crash c-sections the mom is put completely out and the Dad is not able to view the birth) and not feel robbed. As per our Dr. the chances of her having a second c-section were in the mid 90's so we accepted his recommendation to schedule the delivery to have a smoothe calm experience that we'd be able to enjoy and remember. Thus far it has been great and Britt is healing miraculously. After just a few hours she was up and walking around with no help, she's amazing. The whole experience has been very calm and wonderful. We couldn't be happier with the new addition to our family.
I know many of you have seen this photo already from my cell phone. Britt asked if I wouldn't take the digital camera until tonight... just in case she wanted to take some pics. Soooo more pics will be up later tonight or tomorrow morning. Love you all!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just a quick ironic post...

Yep, one day left till baby Wyatt joins the party! We're very excited and Britt, although a little nervous, is more than ready for him to be done in the oven... But on another note, my sister Heather had posted a bit ago about Logan's elbow becoming dislocated... I guess it must run in the family because today I dislocated Ettoile's elbow... it was wierd... I just picked her up by one arm like I have a hundred times before but this time her elbow dislocated... needless to say, she was not very happy and Britt had to take her to the emergency to get it placed correctly since I had to leave to go to class and I dont know how to do it anyways. Britt always gets on my case about picking Ettoile up by one arm or by her hands as opposed to under her arms and today I got the big "How many times have I told you... blah blah blah." She's doing fine now and while I was at work I guess it came out again... I think she slept on it funny while napping and woke up screaming. Brave Brittany called me a billion times and finally built up the courage to pop it back into place by herself. Im so proud. Anyways, just thought I should share my "Bad Daddy of the Year" news with everybody.
I'll try to post an update on Britt and the baby ASAP either tomorrow or friday...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Powerwheel hunk steeling Ettoile's heart...

Ettoile's cousin Collin got a new powerwheel jeep for his birthday... today was the first day that Ettoile has gotten to ride with him. Needless to say, she was so excited that she was borderline hyper-ventilating... literally... I thought she was going to faint she was so excited... here's a few pics of the trek. I'm beginning to wonder if her love will be won by true love or by nice flashy things such as a jeep...
"Oh Collin, you're such a hunk." -Ettoile

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Migrating west... MID-west that is

We're very happy to have Jason and Sara closer to us. They came down this weekend to La Crosse from Minneapolis (about 2.5 hour drive). We enjoyed spending some time together and the kids had a great time. Damien turned one month while they were down here and he's sure a cutie. Britt loved being able to hold him since he's such a cuddler and is now more baby Wyatt hungry than ever. As of today we're down to the single digits of days remaining. Can you believe she's ready to pop from the pic below? She's one hot baby momma. Heres a few pics from the weekend. There's one of Jason rocking Damien, Ettoile and Preston watching Cinderella while the adults get ready for church, Britt and Ettoile at the park, Britt cuddling Damien or the other way around, and a few of Ettoile with Damien. Ettoile thought Damien was the best thing since sippy cups. She didn't get jealous at all and got super excited to be able to touch ("nice touches" was said alot this weekend) and look at the baby.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

FHE this week...

For Family home evening this week we went to Riverside park in the downtown and fed the ducks. Ettoile thought this was the greatest. The park is right on the shore of the Mississippi river and there are always a slew of ducks just waiting for some handouts. After that we went to "The Pearl." It's an old fashioned ice cream parlor downtown that makes it's own icecream. Coldstone is good but there's something about the ice cream here, maybe it's the wisconsin milk... the cold weather must make the cows here ice cream friendly... Etty's had ice cream before but I think she literally ate like half of each of ours.

Daddy's little helper

Etty was playing in her room today and then saw that I was in our room putting up a new ceiling light/ fan. She took the initiative to come and help me finish the installation. She's my good little helper.
You may have also noticed that the baby count down was on 14 days for two days... apparently Britt's Dr. will be in a meeting the day that her delivery was scheduled and had to move it back a day. Britt was disappointed to say the least. An OB should know better than mess with a prego's delivery date.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Almost there...

People always ask for a pic of Brittany and her preger belly. Only 16 days to go and I don't think that September 24th will come soon enough for my beautiful baby momma. A few of Britt's recent comments on being pregnant with baby Wyatt; "I thought babies were supposed to become less active at the end?" "I feel like he's going to fall out my rear right now." "Don't make me laugh, I might pee my pants."

I also posted a pic of Ettoile in her new "big girl bed." We decided over the weekend to move her into a twin sized bed and out of the crib. The crib is still in her room for now but she thought that the big girl bed was the greatest thing ever! She was even asking to go to bed for the past 2 days now. So far she's done really well and hasn't gotten out of bed or fought us on nap time. We have just sitting on the box spring on the floor for now, and then we'll put it on the frame after a little while, and once we get a railing for the one side.
Last night we put her to bed and when we went to check on her as we always do right before bed she was with her head at the foot of the bed cuddled up with her huge stuffed Giraffe. It was so cute. Britt also enjoyed being able to lay in bed with her a while she slept. OK, I'll admit that I layed in bed with her for longer than Britt did... What am I going to do when I have to drop her off at school for the first time?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Playing with bubbles

The big thing right now is bubbles. And I got a pic in there of how cute her hair curls up naturally. Right now she's kind of in the inbetween stage according to Britt. It's too short to do too much with it, but it's getting pretty long kind of shaggy looking. Whatever, she's still adorable.

Our cute house (continued 3)

Brittany and I are particularly fond of our kitchen. I wish we had some before pics of the house so that everyone could see the before and after difference. One of our stipulations was that the appliances were literally as old as the house (about 1950). They worked ok but lets be realistic. So we were able to write an extra 3,000 into the mortgage to purchase new appliances. Soooo we got all stainless... fridge, double wall oven, hood/vent, and a black glass cook top. Being the handy guy that I am I had to re-frame the spot where the oven is to fit the new bigger oven. See, back in the 50's, appliances were a lot smaller than our are today, so even though there was a double wall oven there before it was smaller than todays smallest model. Britt and I then decided to paint the cabinets black instead of refinishing/ staining them. They were a nasty brownish orange, most likely a faded version of the original stain. We also put in all new stainless cabinet hardware. All of the original appliances were a light brown poop color and made Brittany throw up in her mouth a little bit every time she saw them. And of course we painted the walls also but I think I might use the rest of the red to paint the walls under the cabinets but above the counter.
The backsplash above the cook top used to be the banged up copper tile that we thought was pretty cool but ended up tearing out because it didn't match anything. I was going to sell it back because it was copper but it ended up getting thrown away... I don't even want to speculate how much it would have been (probably over $100, they were pretty heavy solid tiles). Anyways, I put stainless colored ceiling tiles instead, and I'm pretty proud of my work It really adds to the kitchens character, kind of a "modern" "antique" feel. Then to finish up my lengthy description, we went to IKEA for the very first time (yeah I said first time ever) about 2 weeks ago when we went up to see Jason in Minneapolis and we bought that stainless angle halogen light for only $45. We've been looking for a light similar for a while but they have been in the hundred+ range so we jumped on the $45 light that we like even better at IKEA like white on rice. side note: IKEA is probably one our favorite stores now. I can't believe we've been missing out for so long. So all in all we love our little kitchen, it's small but one of our favorite rooms in the house. Just a few in-expensive improvements really went a long way to modernize our home. We already have a large amount of equity.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of School!

It's the first day of school in Wisconsin!!! I thought I should have Britt take a picture of me just like my mom used to do when we were kids. Almost every first day of school my mom would make us stand in front of the house with our back packs on and our lunches ready to go to school and take a picture. I thought I would take a picture for "old times sake" for my Mama. The only differences now from when I was younger is that I am now standing in front of my own house, I have a kid (soon to be kids) in the picture, and thats not really a lunch bag... I have a credit card that buys me lunch now...
Well this will be my very last "first day of school" picture. I'm finally in my last year of college... well... at least until I start grad school in a year or two maybe. But, it feels good to have the end in sight finally, it's hard to explain the feeling of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel instead of a never ending darkening pit that school can sometimes give you. If all works out as planned I will be taking an excellent internship in december, and then be hired on to make bookoo bucks at the same company here in town...