Monday, March 2, 2009

Pheasant extravaganza...

Went pheasant hunting over the weekend with my two brothers in law and one of their Dads. It was pretty sweet but pretty cold too. trudging around the snow when it's 20* is not the greatest but overall it's an exciting moment when the dog flushes out the pheasants. We only got 7 total but it was still good times.

No clever title.

We always put Wyatt on his tummy each day but this is what usually results... the thumb gets put in and he falls asleep, or he just gets tired of trying to hold his head up and falls asleep

Cousin Collin fishing for trout at the boat show here in town and the sleeping beast on our way home from the mall. She got to pick out a little summer outfit and was way overtired... we thought she would just fall asleep in the car right away but no... not until literally the minute she got her new outfit to hold she fell asleep in less than a minute.