Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sunday Morning

Just some pics from sunday morning... Ettoile was a book reading machine and Wyatt decided to take a nap... Funny the way kids think... Ettoile was reading her hungry caterpillar book and at the end it has a pop up with 10 butterflys... well she was in a sharing mood so she tore all of the butterflys and their wings and put them around Wyatt in his bouncy so he could see them... Although it was kind of cute we still had to enforce a time out for tearing up her book... this wasnt the first time shes torn pages out of her books... crazy child.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our growing garden... (of children that is... obviously nothing grows in wisconsin in the winter)

Our house in the snow and the kids in their Christmas Jammies. Britt wants to start a tradition of new christmas jammies each year.

Our Christmas tree and Wyatt... he falls asleep everywhere. We found a slim tree at walmart that fit perfect in pretty much the only available spot in our house.

Weve been accruing alot of these ornaments for years at the after christmas sales. It was nice to finally get to use them... Britt and I like a designer type of themed tree... the memory tree thing is cute but not our style.

You can see how Ettoile decorates christmas cookies, eat one... decorate one... eat one.
Smiley Wyatt and Ettoile in time out for hitting. Just in case your wondering... thats a ducky towel and I never noticed until she was in time out that there was a little tail on the butt. Time out in our house either consists of one minute in a corner, on the steps, or on a kitchen chair... whichever is closest... now that she's almost two it seems like she's spending alot of time in time out... I guess thats just the age... terrible twos...
Wyatt's getting so stinkin big... Ettoile was kind of squishy but Wyatt's solid. These pictures were taken this week so they're the most up to date of Wyatt.