Friday, November 7, 2008

New addition to the play room

We are currently trying to teach Etty her colors and thought that this new toy would help her on her way. We took her swimming pool from the summer and bought some play place balls from walmart to try and duplicate the fast food play place ball bin... which Im sure that most people know are uncommon now because they're pretty unsanitary. Anyways, she loves it and will separate by purple and yellow. As with all toddlers, her attention span is short and decides to instead roll in them or throw them all over the room, so at the same time as teaching her the colors she is also learning how to clean up.
On monday I had a big accounting test and I just thought it was funny to see my study area when I was about to put my books in my back pack. I love my kids to death, but studying is hard when Ettoile is coming in and out every other minute to bring me a toy. Britt says it's because Ettoile thinks I'm bored and wants to make sure I have some fun. So if you want you can play "I SPY..." See if you can find the little man from her dollhouse, a purple pom-pom, Wyatts green pacifier, a clean diaper, a used diaper, Wyatts doggy hat, a blue dog, and an orange my little pony. Also enjoy a pic of Wyatt at bath time.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

And on his farm he had a...

Alright... picture overload time. I couldn't just pick a few to put up. I think the pictures can sum up our halloween better than I could write it. Note the pumpkin guts eating pictures... I tried to tell Ettoile that she wasn't going to like it but she tried it anyways... I like to call the second pumpkin eating picture the "Daddy, why did you let me eat that?" picture.