Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Boat trip continued

Ellison loves to read. Her favorite book is "Dear Zoo."

We Are Officially moved to Madison.Boat trip on Lake Monona

Don't ya just love car rides honey?

I am the one who usually drives the kids anywhere so i have a huge selection of kids music in the Jeep that is always playing. When Jeff gets in the car and starts it up the music comes blaring out and the kids begin their usual poses...fingers in the mouth, Wyatt dancing, and of course Ettoile singing at the top of her lungs begging to have her window down so she can shout the words of the song to people on the sidewalks.

This is Jeff's "Really, do i have to listen to this crap.?"If you have kids in the car...you betcha.

Ellison's Birthday

Happy Birthday Ellison! She is officially 1 year old. She wasn't very excited about cake or even opening presents since she had gotten her immunizations the day efore and wasn't feeling her happy self. She was a good sport though and her party was short so she could sleep.

Ettoile Birthday

Wyatt and Daddy hung out most the day.

Ettoile had an icecream themed party so rather than cake we had icecream sundaes. Ellison prefered the fake cone since it made more noise and wasn't as messy.

Thanks to Brandon and Desi we had a bounce house at Ettoile's Party. As you can see it was a big hit.

Riverside Park with Nanie and the kids.

Nanie with the two big kids.

Etttoile during the childrens march.

Wyatt saw a really cool car and we had to get a picture. Ettoile and Wyatt at the fountain. I would have had Ellison in the picture too but I was afraid that one of the two would accidently push her in.

Ellison loved the band that was playing in the park.

long over due update

Ettoile and Wyatt were invited to march in a childrens parade at River Side Park in the beginning of june. Ettoile made sure Wyatt stayed in step.

Notice how sad and upset Wyatt is... Then notice how exhilerated Ettoile is. They both were eating icecream cones while waiting for the carousel to start. I told them both that i would hold their cones while they rode the ride. Wyatt i guess didn't believe that he would get his cone back after the ride and put up such a fight that i finally just let him eat the cone. They run a real tight schedule so in the end he didn't get to ride and this was his mad face. Drama, drama....
This was memorial weekend hanging out in the land and our old backyard.