Friday, February 26, 2010

Quick Update

Just being goofy after bath but before bed.

For the last couple weeks, any time we say "smile" to Wyatt he gives this goofy smile face. I think he learned it from Papa.

When the kids woke up on Valentines day Britt had a balloon with a candy tied to it. They also got some new super warm heavy fleece lined sweaters.

Wyatt's always super cuddly when he wakes up.
This was Ettoile's face when she saw the carousel.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Past 2 months in Pictures

The grocery store had a christmas open house...

I think the development of the pictures clearly shows what Wyatt thinks about Santa

Of course Santa plays mini golf

Decorating some houses
Wyatt's daily ritual of pulling the pots out of the cubbard

Santa Barbara carousel. Dang I look fat... Im back to what I was before Christmas now. I hate that I gain and lose weight so easily

Ettoile was excited to see all the gifts... "for me?" she kept saying

The kids ate what Santa didn't...

Kids got a ball pit

and a jump castle

Ettoile loves Wyatt to death... so we have to keep an eye on her

airplane to Cali for Christmas... The cold water didn't stop Ettoile from enjoying the beach

Milpas is a strict requirement any time we're in Cali... locals know what I'm talkin 'bout

The beach wore the little guy out... really wore him out

he's such a ham
Papa and Grandma... and Ettoile doing her American Eagle pose

Tuckered out... you'll notice she can't sleep without "baby white" as she calls him. We have no idea how she came up with that name... especially since he's really more like a dingey gray color now

7 grandkids with 2 more coming this year... so far... sheesh

Maybe one of the best parts about being home for the holidays was being able to let the kids play outside
Wyatt's other daily ritual... playing with the farm. And no bedtime routine is complete without a book

bathtime fun and us at my work Christmas party

Wyatt was sleeping so just us three. Yes you can see the baby bump... Ettoile also claims to have a baby in her tummy. Sometimes she'll laydown on the bed next to Brittany and say "whew, this baby's gettin big."

Dance class disaster. "Twinkle twos." She loved everything about dance class except for... the dancing... we'll probably try it one more time

We don't know where she gets her expressions. The kids LOVE swimming

Ettoile found some pirate treasure at Preston's B-Day party

Wyatt and Damien hung out most of the day and Etty was super pouty the first hour until finally she broke down... all she wanted all morning was to sit next to Preston at the party. She was so sad... once she got next to her cousin she was a peach
car ride home from Preston and Damien's house