Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby 3 Update

Wyatt Tried really hard to eat with chopsticks but got frustrated and started using his hands. His vocab is starting to beef up and he is finally starting to point out things like his cars and say the word's. He knows a lot of his colors and most of his body parts. His favorite thing to do right now is climb... he'll climb on top of anything that looks like a challenge.

Our little fairy... If it's not her tiara, it's her wings, if not her wings, then her cinderella dress. Such a girl. Ettoile is talking better and better every day. She's quite feisty and witty. It's interesting to see some of her personality traits that mirror her Mommy. Her hair is finally growing in nice and thick and is getting long enough to get into ponies. Ettoile responds very nicely to her behavior chart and getting stars for each item. She reminds me when I have to get after her for being naughty to be a "happy Daddy" and not to be a "mad Daddy." She LOVES Wyatt and thinks that she also has a baby in her tummy like Mommy.
They always watch movies really good together. The favorites right now are Petes Dragon, Peter Pan, and Monsters Vs. Aliens. Ettoile getting ready for Church, she loves her church dresses.
So here's the hotty mommy. Turns out that Brittany gained 11 pounds in one month at her last appointment. She obviously isn't gaining all over so Doctor thinks she may have Gestational Diabetes. She'll have to drink that nasty orange stuff and get a blood test. Worst case = she'll have to be on insulin until the baby's delivered which will most likely be early since the baby is growing quickly. Her belly measures about 2.5 weeks farther then it should. At this point Britt likes the "deliver early" option. Britt says she's been pregnant for almost 3 years straight so her body is going on strike, probably true. This one has been the hardest pregnancy due to all of the pain she has from her adhesions from previous c-sections and this baby is extremely active. Those of you who just saw her at Christmas where she barely had a bump... BAM! Baby popped and really quickly too. Britt has been a trooper with this pregnancy and I applaud her for tolerating the constant pain and discomfort for our eternal family. I know she will be blessed for her decision to have one more beautiful baby.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

March is finally here!

I am super exhausted at the end of the day. Here Etty and I are resting from a long day at work and daycare.

My two little helpers.

Jeffrey made some amazing cinnamon rolls this week (from scratch).

Wyatt loves to be like daddy so he helped fix the chair.

My niece, Anya, turned one this weekend. I made her a cake and cupcakes. Since she was a March baby her theme was "in like a lamb, out like a lion." It turned out really cute.