Monday, July 28, 2008

On the river.

This weekend was a river weekend. We had a family trip on a sandbar on the Mississippi. Here's a few pics from our excursion. Less than 2 months to go for Baby Wyatt... Britt's ready! The little tumbler is really active. I can feel my little soccer player kickin around at any time of the day. As Britt says (real quotes), "I think he's over 8 pounds already." "I think he's bruising my ribs." "Oh my gosh, I can't breathe he's so big."

Just a few cute pics (continued).

Just a few cute pics.

Ettoile's 1st B-Day! (1.5 months later)

Ettoile turned 1 on June 15th. Papa Luna was here to enjoy the festivities and she was enfatuated with him. Papa also taught her a new word which she still uses today when she drops anything... "uh-oh." She picked it up real quick and will take the initiative to drop items on purpose just to use her new vocab. Etty enjoyed the cake most of all. She got a bit bored with the gift opening and began to just play with the bows. All in all it was fun and we enjoyed having a small family B-Day party.

Some pictures from a bit ago...

Grandma Luna at the Santa Barbara Zoo and Papa Luna at home.

Noni Kate (Grandma Durnford) with the little smimmer.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ettoile and Collin watching Veggie Tales...

Whenever we need a break to get something done all we have to do is turn on Veggie Tales... Etty's favorite. This is Ettoile and her cousin Collin watching "Lord of the Beans."

Our cute little starter home!!!

So I know a lot of people have heard about our recent home purchase... now after like 4+ months I finally have a few pics, but just of the outside. Interior pics are in the works... Our house is a mess right now since we have been soooo busy this summer. It's classified as a "cape-cod" home. It has a full (unfinished) basement, 2 bedrooms upstairs (master, and Ettoile's) 2 bedrooms on the main level (one is the office/guest room, and the other is a walk through room, right now it's the toy/play room, with a sliding glass door to our large 3 season porch with a small wood deck built off of the porch). There's a detached 2 car garage facing the alley (most homes in La Crosse have an alley) and a nice sized yard with a garden plot in the back as well where we have a sweeeeet garden! I have no idea the square footage, I think it's around 1700 sq ft+/-. The kitchen, bathroom (yep only one bathroom), and family room are also on the main level. Overall it's small but so stinkin cute. We're very happy with our home and the size is just right for us. Britt and I re-did the landscaping in the front, before there were overgrown/ unkept nasty bushes kind of like the woody pine like bushes that have pricklys and are really dusty. I dug out the bushes and yanked them out with the jeep. We then got some very nice healthy dirt from the city yard waste plant (for free) and most of the plants were either transplanted by me from around the house or were transplanted from Brittany's Mom's house. So basically it was a next to free landscape job and I think that it turned out pretty good. There's also a birch tree in the front yard, my favorite. We also did the landscaping around the garage (there was nothing before but half dead grass). We're pretty proud of our hard work. Like I said, I'll try to get some interior pics up soon, probably after we clean up on some saturday and I'll also get some pics of my sweeeet garden. So we got this puppy for only 105k. It was assessed @ 120k by the bank before we did any work to it inside or out and we all know that the bank always low-balls it. SOOO, talk about buying for less than renting. Our neighbors house is for sale for 135k and is pretty similar but with some updating to do, so we think we got an excellent deal. The elderly guy passed away and his kids were just trying to sell it... they took our offer which was lower than another offer because they wanted it to go to a family and not some single older guy. Anyways, our neighborhood is pretty mixed... but mostly either retired or young couples like us. With the guest room we'll be expecting y'all to come visit soon! Love y'all!

I just thought this was a funny pic...

We've started Etty on the potty. We sing the potty song every night right before bath time and she gets a little chocolate if she goes in the potty. It would be nice to have her trained before baby Wyatt so we only have one kid in diapers... I don't think we'll have any such luck...

Papa's visit to Wisconsin to see Ettoile! (and maybe he was on business too)

Just a few pics of Papa and Ettoile from my phone. I think I have more on my digital to come later.