Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Fall! (Guess we'll put up some pics)

Wyatt's 1st Birthday Party!!! Britt did a Crocodile and Monkey theme based off of Wyatt's favorite song... "Three little monkeys swingin in a tree sayin, 'Mr. Crocodile can't catch me... uh uh uh...' and along comes a hungry crocodile... and SNAP!!! No more monkeys.

Mommy playing Wyatt a birthday song... and Wyatt having his special cupcake.

I gotta say... Britt did a stellar job planning and executing!

Monkey and crocodile theme... Collin trying to hi-jack Ettoile

Handsome guys gettin ready for church.

Went to the pumpkin patch on Wyatt's Birthday but the hay ride wasnt going because it was too muddy... bummer... kids liked watching the animals get fed. This place was literally some guys farm in the middle of no-where who just grows lots of pumpkins every year and even does a corn maze.

Got to see sheep, goats, pigs, cows, farm cats and dogs, and some chickens.
Ettoile got a kick out of realizing that the strange animal sounds that we have taught her actually correlate to a live animal.