Friday, August 29, 2008

Growing up too fast...

So here are a few pics of Ettoile. We no longer say "baby Ettoile..." mostly because she's now a full blown toddler. Forget walking, she even runs a little bit now. She finally got two bottom teeth, says Daddy, Mama, dog, ball, no, hi, buh bye, night night, uh oh(whenever she drops anything), Ooooooh, giggles non-stop, smiles all of the time, weve even had a few temper tantrums where she throws herself to the floor... she's learning that it hurts her more than it gets the point across to us. She also signs all sorts of things... hungry, thirsty, milk, tired, all done, more, waves, and claps. She loves to dance any time she hears any sort of music, even if I try to butcher a song she'll bob her head. The favorite movie right now is Cinderella (she will sit and watch the entire thing) and favorite toy is a pair of butterfly wings we got her last year at an after halloween sale. Brittany's good, counting down the days... she is more than ready to be done with being pregnant. I'll be starting school... again... but for my last year, on tuesday. Then I will finally be graduated in accounting and have enough credits to take the CPA exam (150 credit minimum). These pics below are kind of funny because I went to Home Depot to get a few things we needed at home and I put her in a regular cart to push around the store with me. As I was about to start pushing her around she saw the cart with the dirty car attached to the front that the kiddies can sit in and started saying "ooooooooh, daddy, ooooooooh" and pointing frantically. So of course I gave in... Im a dad, and she thought it was the greatest thing in the world, even had her baby doll buckled in next to her.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our cute house (continued 2)

This is the staircase to the up stairs where Ettoile's room (pics below) and the master bedroom (no pics, it's a mess) are. And then at the bottom are some pics of the family/ living room. The stairs to the 2nd level are right across from the front door.

Our cute house (continued)

As mentioned before, here are a few pics of the inside of our house. I included the 4th bedroom/play room which has a sliding glass door to our 3 season porch (like an enclosed deck with windows all around and a door to the deck). Theres a few of the bathroom, and one of the hallway downstairs, you can kind of see the original oak wood floors which Brandon (Bro. in law) and I sanded and re-stained ebony ourselves. We did most of the painting (we hate white walls). More pics to come soon

Our growing garden

So I started this garden completely from seeds in our backyard and have proven that I have more of a green thumb than I thought... No cheating here my friend, seeds only, no already growing plants whatsoever (except for my raspberrys which I transplanted from my Ma in laws house, and some rhubarb... I couldn't find seeds). We have Zuchinni, Corn (which my neighbor said would never grow, now he's eating crow and we're eating corn), Cherry/ Bigboy/ and Roma Tomatoes (there's a lot I know, we plan on canning), Peas, Green Beans, Basil, Cilantro, Jalapenos, and Bell Peppers (all colors). No tomatoes are ready yet but just this morning a bunch are starting to turn red. Below, are some of the wildflowers we planted around the garage.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our new Nephew!!!

Damien Quinn Luna

9 lb 3.5 oz - 22 Inches

1:48am - 8/13/08

Thanx alot Heather and Sara... Brittany is beyond jealous that you have your new little ones and we have to wait another month and a half to revert back to the no sleep stage... I think she'll survive.

Also, if we follow the current trend, Baby Wyatt will be around 10+ lb... If so, it's probably a good thing Britt has to have a c-section...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our new Niece!!!

Emily Marie Serr

8/8/08 - 12:49am

(more pics at

Now we're just waiting for Sara and Jason to have baby deuce... Hurry up allready...