Sunday, September 12, 2010

Trip to the ZOO

Our trip to the zoo was awesome. I was a little bit scared to take all three by myself in Madison, but I did it and no one ended up getting lost/taken or thrown to the bears for not listening.(smile) I went down to Madison to visit Jeff's dad and went to the zoo while he was at work. The kids loved it.

Even Ellison loved it.
The zoo had a few of their exhibits under construction. Wyatt spent most his time watching the bulldozers and trucks. The kid loves trucks. This was his favorite part of the day.

The zoo had a really cool bridge over by the flamingos. They both were more thrilled by running back and forth.

We also recently went to a family reunion on my side. It was SOOOOO hot. I thought I would melt. I also caught Ettoile on the toilet talking to herself. She has recently entered a phase of imaginary friends. She named her's "Kelly." Jeff gets really weirded out.

Baby Ellison never gets enough love.