Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just a quick pic

Just a quick pic of Wyatt and Damien

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas eve y'all

We went to see Santa on Monday since Britt and I are off work for the week. Such a rip off. Whatever happened to meeting Santa for free? Well I take that back, you can meet santa for free but you are not allowed to take any pictures unless you buy one of their packages... the cheapest one was $16 and my pictures turned out better than what they had. Oh well, nothings free anymore. As you can see from the pics, Ettoile was really excited to see Santa. I had to hold her hand all the way to the chair and for those of you who are familiar with baby signing, the second picture is Ettoile saying "all done."

Just a smiley Wyatt and our sorry excuse at a gingerbread house... We had a really good one that was a pre-made package from costco you decorate but it got eaten by some of Britts family members before we got a picture.
Lately Ettoile has been all about climbing all over everything. She got caught climbing on her rocking chair to get onto her kitchen and started making believe she was singing a song to cover up. In the mean time Wyatt fell asleep listening to a Judy Garland CD, his favorite. Any time he's upset, Judy garland will ease his pain.
Getting ready to go see Santa.
Hotty Mommy and a blackmail worthy picture of Collin(Ettoile's cousin) for when he's older... were glad it turned out so good. You should have seen how mad Ettoile got when Collin put her tutu on... Ettoiles tutus are one thing she doesn't like to share...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Just a few pics from this week. Wyatt will be 3 months on Christmas day and loves to smile every chance he gets. He's also a big talker... if you talk to him he's all about talking back and smiling. Ettoile is getting all of her molars in right now... arrgghh... so she is about 80% pleasant and 20% demon... Orajel has been our good friend lately. We'll be happy when teathing is over... probably just in time to do it all over again with Wyatt.

I took the kids to walmart this week and I knew Etty was tired so I let her bring her favorite blanket into the store with her to keep the beast content... she started doing the head banging thing and before I knew it both the kids were asleep. So instead of a quick trip, I was able to get all the things I needed... and made it a little bit longer of a trip.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yeah so it's been a month...

Busy, busy, busy; that sums up that past month for Britt and I. Britt's now back at work and I'm in school full time for one more semester and working part time. With two kids that leaves no room for anything unless of course I stay up all night... I'm getting old and can't seem to stay up past like 10 or 11... maybe when Wyatt starts sleeping through the night which might be any time now... Well in the past month we have been to Vegas for thanksgiving which was great! It was nice to see all the fam and all the kids too... The Luna family just keeps getting bigger and bigger. What else...? Oh, I got the internship that I've really really wanted at "Trust Point," formerly North Central Trust. I'll be the "personal trust intern," or in other words, Ill be preparing tax returns and tax planning for trusts and estates. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this internship turns into a job offer so that way I can stay locally and not have to move any time soon. And more recently, every single one of us got the flu for a day or two... theres a few pics of Ettoile, who got it the worst. She woke up one night after having thrown up all over herself and her bed, gross, and then she spent the night in her play room on a bed of towels watching Marry Poppins, her current favorite. The next night she was back to her usual active self. The bad thing about having kids is that they get sick and then when they start feeling better the parents get sick and then we're no fun because they want to play and we feel like poop. Anyways, enjoy some random pics... the "Ettoile the nudist" fotos I thought were just funny, she got her hair blow dryed wacky after bath time...

Friday, November 7, 2008

New addition to the play room

We are currently trying to teach Etty her colors and thought that this new toy would help her on her way. We took her swimming pool from the summer and bought some play place balls from walmart to try and duplicate the fast food play place ball bin... which Im sure that most people know are uncommon now because they're pretty unsanitary. Anyways, she loves it and will separate by purple and yellow. As with all toddlers, her attention span is short and decides to instead roll in them or throw them all over the room, so at the same time as teaching her the colors she is also learning how to clean up.
On monday I had a big accounting test and I just thought it was funny to see my study area when I was about to put my books in my back pack. I love my kids to death, but studying is hard when Ettoile is coming in and out every other minute to bring me a toy. Britt says it's because Ettoile thinks I'm bored and wants to make sure I have some fun. So if you want you can play "I SPY..." See if you can find the little man from her dollhouse, a purple pom-pom, Wyatts green pacifier, a clean diaper, a used diaper, Wyatts doggy hat, a blue dog, and an orange my little pony. Also enjoy a pic of Wyatt at bath time.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

And on his farm he had a...

Alright... picture overload time. I couldn't just pick a few to put up. I think the pictures can sum up our halloween better than I could write it. Note the pumpkin guts eating pictures... I tried to tell Ettoile that she wasn't going to like it but she tried it anyways... I like to call the second pumpkin eating picture the "Daddy, why did you let me eat that?" picture.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Got this emailed to me yesterday...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Already a month old...

Wyatt is already a month old... he's a maniac when he eats and has gained a lot of weight... so he's really starting to fill out. Britt says, "the fatter the better..." Ettoile gets cuter every day and is learning her colors... we aren't pushing the potty training much but we are getting her used to sitting on her potty... She gets 1 recees pieces every time she sits on it and sometimes she'll go and sometimes not... But her personality comes out more and more every day and she always makes us laugh. Enjoy some pics of 1 month old Wyatt and Ettoile. (Disclaimer on Ettoile and the bottle picture: Ettoile has not had a bottle since 10 months but she got a hold of Wyatt's and must have decided to try it for old times sake... needless to say, she spit formula all over herself and the floor. I just didnt want people thinking we still give our child a bottle after one year.)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Twins baby blessings...

My parents came out to the mid-west to help us out while Britt was recovering from her c-section and while they were out here we had a twin baby blessing outside at the Durnfords home. Jason and I have always done everything together; born together, bath time together (disclaimer: only for the first few years of life), school, etc. etc. So why not bless our new babies together. It was really nice and the experience was extremely nice to have it at home with just family. So here are some pics of the blessing... Preston and Ettoile had a great time together and decided the garden box was more fun than the blessing. We also wanted to say a great big public THANK YOU to Mom and Dad for coming out and helping us while Britt recovers. It means more than you will ever know!