Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Surprise! We are having another baby!!!

The Story
We have been discussing the possibility of having another baby for quite some time, really teetering on the fence. I felt we should have one more child and Brittany didn't at first, possibly because of the two difficult pregnancy/ birthing experiences she has already had. While we have no issues getting pregnant, most of you know that Brittany's only option for birthing is via c-section... which unless you have had and recovered from a c-section, it is hard to comprehend the difficulty and long recovery time associated, as well as the lasting effects on the mothers body and health (Ettoile was an emergency 'crash' c-section, and Wyatt was scheduled by our specialist's recommendation). We came to the conclusion that if we were to have another baby then now would be the time. We prayed about it and felt strongly that although it may be a difficult journey, for Brittany especially, our family was lacking one more member and this was the right choice for our family.

On the flipside, we also felt very strongly that after this pregnancy, we will not be having any more children. SO...

The Kicker: Announcing to my family... Post Vasectomy...
Because Brittany is unable to keep secrets she told her family at about 2 months into the pregnancy. I on the otherhand did not tell my family. I did however, tell my family I would be scheduling a vasectomy, which was performed on December 10th (It's not bad at all, the worst part is just the anxiety and nervousness beforehand. There is little to no pain except for the initial anesthetic injection and I would compare that to less painful than novicaine at the dentist... once that parts over you feel nothing and the whole thing is over in about 10-15 minutes).
I'm certain that our decision was met with some confusion and sadness but it was always our decision to make. I never lied to anyone... I just chose not to fully disclose that when I said we had been blessed with enough children, we had already been pregnant for a while. I apologize for leading anyone on. My mom especially.
We didnt have any spectacular way of telling my parents once we got to Cali for the holidays... Brittany is in her 2nd trimester already and it's almost noticable... she's quite petite so any sort of "bump," is going to be noticed right away.

So far so Good...
Brittany is now almost 15 weeks along and has an estimated due date of June 10th. We'll have a more accurate date on January 8th at the ultrasound. This pregnancy will be a bit painful because she has adhesions from the previous surgeries scar tissue. This can only be corrected by surgery making this next c- section a little more difficult than the previous 2. We are happy and excited to welcome baby #3 into our home!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Here's our weekend in pictures. We went to Preston's Pirate B-Day Party.

The drive up to Minneapolis.

Yes we kept his mohawk... it's awesome.

Ettoile didn't want to be a pirate... she chose "Cinderella" for her pirate name.

Ettoile found a treasure on the treasure hunt.

Wyatt will follow Ettoile anywhere... Ettoile loves to hold Wyatt's hand but she goes too fast so Wyatt usually faceplants. It's a love-hate relationship.

Kids had a blast at the pool... Ettoile strikein a pose.

Ettoile had her "twinkle twos" dance recital... she decided that she didn't want to dance that day.
She stood in her spot the whole time and just watched the other girls dance. Money well spent.