Wednesday, February 23, 2011

all boy..

Wyatt loves going over to my sister's house, not just because she spoils him with treats and has different furniture to climb on, but becuase she has the coolest dog ever, "Ruger." Wyatt hangs out with him and only him when he goes over for a visit. He follows her dog and treats it like it were his own. I just recently got this picture of Wyatt when he was really little.(Courtesey of my sister Deisha.) This little man needs a dog of his own I think. Maybe someday.....

The entire Durnford Family Picture as of 2009. A lot has changed since then since we are missing Baby Ellison and Baby Hudson. Thanks Deisha for sending me this.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Long time...

Ellison is sooooo much fun. She is the happiest little child and loves to smile. She is now rocking on her hands and knees and is an expert backwards scooter crawler. The typical Santa picture... maybe next year they will all be looking.

We forced wyatt to try on the wig. As you can see, he was not very happy about it, hence the forced mad smile. Ellison didn't mind one bit and just like Ettoile, doesnt mind hair in her face and loves girly things.

Wyatt now is potty trained. Here he is showing off his gymboree undies. Ettoile of course in one of her princess formal dresses.
Our trip to Cancun was wonderful. I just wish I had been able to get more of a tan.

Jeff and I went parasailing for the first time. It was scary at first but soooo much fun.

Noni and Papa had a great time too. They loved our timeshare resort. It was a nice change from WI. We literally drove late into the night through a blizzard to get to Madison where our plane left. Jeff even had an exciting trip back from Josh's graduation in CA. He and Grandma had 3 flights get delayed and cancelled due to weather and ended up driving all night long from Minneapolis to Madison. Jeff got to the Airport 10 minutes before we got there just in time to check in.

The kids were big fans of the sandy beaches and playing in the water.

The best place we ate was La Tequileria, it was a small hole in the wall and cheap but had better food than anywhere else, plus within walking distance to our resort.

The kids were super well behaved and are excellent little travelers. This was Ettoile's 2nd trip to Cancun.

Its a night picture but we had our own private balcony overlooking the beach. It was the best to sit outside at night in the warm breeze.

We have been so busy the past few months. Jeffrey recently started a new job in Madison, which now requires us to relocate. Our house, thus, was put on the market as of January. I haven't had much free time to update the blog so this is my attempt.

We went to Cancun, Mexico for Christmas and really didn't get any tans only sand in our suits because of the kids but It was so much fun. This will be a new Luna Family Tradition, destination holidays... forget the gifts, lets go see the world.

Wyatt is now potty trained. YEAH! We tried treats, charts, and lots of praise. None worked. Instead, we went the hotwheel car route and every time he pooped (on his own effort) he got to pick a new car, and one new one for every five times he peed (Also by his own efforts, no forcing). He caught on real fast since the kid eat, sleeps, and dreams of cars. He even uses them as utensils.