Monday, June 28, 2010

Ellison's photo shoot

With the first two kids, the hospital nurses take a really crummy picture and then it gets posted on the Hospital website and published in the sunday paper. Now there's a contracted photographer that comes in and takes pictures... We bought 'em (just like everyone else does). Enjoy... and if you're interested, you can read what I think about photography at the bottom.

These were the main reason we bought the pics. The two bigger kids were too cute with Ellison to pass up... If you know Ettoile, she's the most unphotogenic child on the planet so we need good pics whever and wherever we can get them.
My Opinion on Photography: I'm sure some of my photographer friends won't like what I have to say. Maybe I'm just ticked because these pics cost $200 for a CD of about 30 pics, no prints (the pricing went as follows: 2 pics on a CD for $99, 4 on a cd for $149, or all on a cd for $199 - If Im already into it for over a hundred bucks, whats another $50?). I think what I should have done is gone out and put that $200 towards a nice digital camera that I've had my eye on for some time now but can't bring myself to spend the near $1k for it. Also, we had some family pics taken in Vegas a few years ago, the photog was just some chick with a pretty nice digital camera that photoshopped the crap out of the images and they turned out OK, but not great for the rediculous sitting fee she charged (the "family-friend discount"). All we got was a CD of the images with few of them ready to frame... and even then she did strange things with angles... I can respect the artistic value of a diagonal picture, but I dont generally hang a diagonal frame on my wall so it made all of the diagonal photos useless. Regardless, the milk is spilt and I'm happy with the baby pics.
Am I wrong to say that almost anyone can take a descent picture now days? I'm not a photographer but I'd have to say that I have a good eye and generally most of my pictures that I put any effort into turn out really nice. With modern cameras it seems like almost anyone can pick up a camera, switch it to the auto mode and whip out a good pic. (Auto Mode translated means, I have no idea what shutter speed is, that light is a factor in taking pics, and I dont want to deal with focusing). Is it me or has the art of photography significantly changed? When I first got into photography, I bought a nice hard film Pentax Camera and got a nice Tamron telescoping lense. While the camera did a lot of the work, one still needed to know the functions to be able to spit out a good picture. Back in those days, photography was about taking a good picture ready for processing, and it seems like today photography is about good editing regardless of the POS picture you took. Has editing always been a part of photography? You bet... but significantly more today... which Im not saying is wrong but allows almost anyone to pick up a camera, blur out the background and have a stellar picture. i think these comments was sparked by the photog's comment when we were about to start the session, Me: "Where do we take the pics at?" Her: "Just in here is fine." Me: "oh." Her: "it doesnt really matter about the background, I'll just photoshop what I need to." These pics were taken in the hospital room, on the hospital bed with one of the hospitals boppy's with a sheet over it. I guess it worked.
Just my opinions above, don't take offense photographer friends... I still have respect for good editing and still believe that one does need to have a good eye and a knack for taking pics. I have seen many of your photos and websites and am quite impressed by your work. But I have greater respect for traditional hard film photographers. BUT, with technology changing, like everything else, I guess even photography needs to evolve out of the hard film dark ages.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welcome Baby Ellison

Ellison Rosalie Luna
12:46 pm - 6/16/2010
7lbs 8ozs - 19.9inches
Britt being brought back to the OR, Ellison's first moments. I was 95% sure we were having a boy... Thank You Britt for keeping it such a secret from me (Britt knew all along what we were having and I didn't, I wanted to be surprised). I was shocked when the Dr. pulled her out and announced she was a girl. This is one instance where I was more than OK with being proved wrong.

Cutting the cord, Proud Daddy.

When Ellison heard Britt for the first time, she opened her eyes really wide and stared at Mommy.

Britt's first moments holding Ellison.

Cute bum, Good pic of her eyes open.
Ettoile was the proudest big sister on the planet today.
Operation went quite well overall. Britt is of course very sore and in quite a bit of pain but happy to have a beautiful baby girl. She was amazing and I am so greatful for the sacrifices she makes to have such a beautiful family!
More update to come later!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3rd Birthday

Ettoile's 3rd B-Day

Note the progression...

Mr. poopy pants doesn't like getting splashed by the crazy daisy.

Ettoile's birthday breakfast... she got to use her little demi tea cup.
Anything Alice in Wonderland related is a big hit. Forget treats...
Ettoile would rather play tea party as a reward. Her breakfast of choice was bacon...
Well if that's what she wanted on her special day... sure.

She got an eye mask for her B-Day... She slept so good.
Our cute niece Anya... she's super girly.

We got Ettoile the "Rose Petal Cottage" for her B-Day. According to Britt, all little girl's mommies know what this is??? All I know is Britt found it on craigslist for $40 with all of the accessories and they go for close to $300 new with all the accessories.

Britt made a topsy turvey B-Day cake for Ettoile. She's so amazing.
Of course we sang her families birthday song with britt on the guittar.

I thought these pics were super cute.

Daily routine = filling up the little pool. Ettoile wanted to play in
the pool but didnt want to get wet because the water was still cold...
so she put the tub in it and floated like a boat... clever girl.
Silly face. Britt just on Sunday... 3 days to go. "Don't post that picture... do I look fat? Im so done being pregnant! I want my body back. My feet are so swollen. That's soooo sad (she cries when we watch UP or any other movie). I feel like this baby is going to fall out. Baby just go to bed. I can't breathe. I just went to the bathroom like 5 minutes ago."


When I look at other blogs I'm most interested in the pics...
so my 2 month update will be mostly just pics.

memorial Day Weekend at "the land" (Britt's parents land)

All the grandkids on Britt's side... by the end of the year 2 more to add
to the mix.

As Ettoile put it... "painting the roses red." Wyatt was in heaven just sitting on
the mower.

We put the sprinkler under the trampoline... Ettoile and Collin
had a blast.

Note Ettoile is also posing to show the camera her baby also.

The kids were clean and cute before church on sunday that we took
a few pics to document their cleanliness.

I like their goofy faces.

Britt and her sister Deisha. We're excited for her to have her first baby in
November. Britt's about 8 months preggers here.

Chillin on the "jumpoline" as Ettoile calls it. The first pic shows what it looks like when a princess jumps on the jumpoline.

Love the sleeping pics.

Easter egg hunt. Poor Wyatt couldnt figure out why it was so hard to pick
up the egg... his head kept hitting the pole.

Ive had to travel quite a bit for work and Wyatt decided he was coming too
so he grabbed his shoes too.
Bath time with Jason and Sara's kids.