Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Ettoile!

I'll just let you look at the pics...

Of course she wore a tiara the whole day...

Etty snuck her finger in while I was taking the pic... caught on film.
Blowing out the candles... the twins.
Durnfords singing their family birthday song.
This is how our bikerides usually end up... as nap time.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Ettoile and Daddy at "The Land" (Britt's Parents rural property) and the kids on the way home from a walk to the grocery store (Wyatt's first cone!)

Our little plant fairy helping to make the garden grow

Finally got a picture of her smiling, better frame it
I titled this pic of Etty "The Boss," Wyatt is allways smilin
Cool and the bathtub gang (from left to right: mini Jason, mini Jeffrey, mini Heather)
Our easter for the kiddies... Britt is allways in charge of holiday gifts and found some cute little baskets and the wagon is from Grandma Luna
Our really hard hiding spots for Ettoile's morning egg hunt
Easter egg hunt at Noni and Papas with Ettoile in her easter dress from Grandma Luna
Every time she went down for an egg, they all fell out of her basket... her cousin Collin was allways eager to help her pick them back up again but was not responsible for any misplaced eggs in his basket.